Joel Osteen In Overcoming Fear

Joel Osteen is a well known pastor in Houston, Texas and he has a great message to share for you.

It’s could change your life forever!

Don’t let fear hold you back anymore.

There’s too many times people are held back by fear and self doubt.

Firstly, Negativity can lead to fear and that holds you back.

Joel Osteen tives some practical advice

And if anyone has ever spoken any form of negativity to you, it’s time you realized your true value and break the power of those words someone spoke over you.

See our brains are computers. Computers need programming. Programming for the human computer, aka brain, starts in childhood.

How do you get out of the negative fear based mindset?

So Joel Osteen says if you’ve got a negative or fear based message revolving in and out of your brain, do this:

Hit the Delete button.  Sounds too simple, right?

Think to yourself, “Delete!”

If someone speaks bad about you, Delete.

If someone said you’ll never be able to do anything. Delete.

If you are told your ideas will never work, Delete.

We are told many things by many people from an early age. Everyone can think of a time that someone has spoken something that instilled fear into us.

Bullies in school, angry adults, skeptical teachers.

Jokes, teaching, getting called names.

Some things maybe could be brushed off. But if someone spoke words to you, and you believed, it could still be having negative effects on your life even today.

Joel Osteen says “Delete!”

As Joel Osteen said, you don’t have to believe the lies anymore, hit the Delete button.

Reprogramming the brain is not an easy task.

First, you’ve got to identify the “lie”. Then, you’ve got to confront it by simply saying it’s not true anymore.

If someone has said anything like this and you believed it:

“You’ll never be able to do that.” Remember, Delete!!

If you’ve heard, “You’ll always be a mess up.” Delete!

Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete.

Wow! Can you just delete?

Yes! But the next step is to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones!

For example, use these thoughts instead of “I can’t…..”:

I am a child of God!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

I am blessed!

I am talented.

I am thankful.

Think about your blessings. Be thankful and you’ll become more bold and confident.

Don’t focus on the negatives. They get you nowhere in life.

Once you start deleting old messages and putting new improved messages in your brain, look out!

You’ll be able to do things you never thought.

So don’t forget this great advice from Joel Osteen, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!

Doubt is the enemy. Fear is the enemy. So get rid of that doubt right away.

As soon as self doubt creeps in, DELETE!

As soon as you’ve got stinking thinking, DELETE!

Joel Osteen is an inspiring pastor who teaches in a positive, life affirming way.

Learn more about Joel Osteen and Joel’s way of teaching and get unstuck.

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